Wireless Waiter
Coaster Pager

Turn waiting guests into happy customers with the Wireless Waiter Coaster Pager. The Pager notifies customers with a flash, alarm and vibration the instant their table or service is ready.

No need for long lines or noisy overhead systems. With the Wireless Waiter Pager, you’ll easily manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting ambience

Key Features

  • 30 Pagers for each base station
  • Wireless Range up to 500m
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Multiple Alert Options - flash, alarm and vibrate
  • Smart Battery Charging - stackable rechanging system
  • Durable Coaster Design


Wireless Waiter Coaster Pager Brochure


Durable Design

The Wireless Waiter Coaster Pager is constructed from hardened plastic making it extremely durable, robust and water resistant.


A stackable charging system enables the pagers to be charged by placing one on top of the other.

Easy to Use

Setting up the Pagers is extremely simple. Pagers can be programmed for any number on the display board by pressing a button on the pager and the desired number on the display board.


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