The Wireless Waiter Bell and Wireless Waiter Pager incorporate the latest wireless technology in a simple and elegant design. Utilising the Wireless Waiter Bell or Pager in any type of service business will enhance your business image as well as your service quality.

The Wireless Waiter Bell and Pager provide your business with the best care possible for your customers and a quality servicing experience.

Typical industries include:

Health & Beauty
Service Industries
Senior Living


Pubs and Clubs

Place a Wireless Waiter on your pub or club's table and provide your customers with drink, bill and waiter service on demand.


Coffee Shop

Customers will appreciate not being interrupted during conversations, as they are able to choose when service is required.


With restaurants becoming busy and hectic places these days, installing a Wireless Waiter will ensure that customer that need service are looked after first.

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